Welcome to the home of the Christchurch Robotics Group

*** Our meeting venue is NZART BR05 Radio Club, 5 Idris Road, Fendalton ***

As well as an interest in all things robotic, we have a membership with interests ranging from radio, embedded computing, FPGA design, solar power, and electric vehicles, to name but a few.

We also have one delightful member who keeps turning up with clockwork inventions.

Our current main media of communication is via an email announcement system. It is easy to sign up and see what we talk about. You can remain completely anonymous, or introduce yourself, and join the discussions.

Our age range is roughly 5-95, with a very wide range of skills, interests, and abilities.

We are quite a friendly bunch, with a strong interest in mutual help, and "there is no such thing as a stupid question".

We are very pleased to announce that our new home is care of NZART Branch 05 Radio Club. This is located at 5 Idris Rd, Fendalton, CHCH. Click the link for more details. See below for meeting dates.

Mon 17th October 2016 6:30pmMon 21st November 2016 6:30pmMon 19th December 2016 6:30pm
Mon 16th January 2017 6:30pmMon 20th February 2017 6:30pmMon 20th March 2017 6:30pm
Mon 17th April 2017 6:30pmMon 15th May 2017 6:30pmMon 19th June 2017 6:30pm
Mon 17th July 2017 6:30pmMon 21st August 2017 6:30pmMon 18th September 2017 6:30pm
Mon 16th October 2017 6:30pmMon 20th November 2017 6:30pmMon 18th December 2017 6:30pm

Because of the huge generosity of BR05, all we ask is a gold coin donation to cover lighting, heating, electricity, and internet access. As a group, our attitude towards bureaucracy is:

Join the discussions, or just see who we are and what interests us. Very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe : email discussion list registration

Any questions, drop us a line

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